Grand Canyon

(Images From 2010 and 2012)



Panorama of Grand Canyon Sunset (El Tovar Hotel on Right)

See a special page showing eight deer attempting to cross the Colorado River, February 2010.


From 2012



Storm front from the South Rim at dawn, February 2012.




  Big Dipper and Polaris from South Rim, with light glow at Phantom Ranch







  Mules on the Black Bridge





  Muleteer and cargo train








  Boulders under Silver Bridge







More to come ....







The Travelers and Photographers (2012)

























From 2010 Rafting Trip


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From 2010 Winter Hike



  Canyon View, Sunset




  Climb Out




  Purple Prickly Pear Cactus







  Ultra-marathoners doing Rim-to-Rim-to-Rim





  Cactus bloom





  Phantom Ranch Dining Hall





  Phantom Ranch Cabin





  Trail Sign at Crossroads





  Ribbon Falls (Upper and Lower)









  Sunset View From Rim I









  Black Bridge





  Black Bridge with Mules






  Tip-Off View I





  Tip-Off View II





  Silver Bridge From Tip-Off









  Inner Gorge





  Mule Train I









  Mule Train II




  Mule Train III














  O'Neil Butte





  Silhouette Tree









  Sunset From Rim I





  Sunset From Rim II









  Agave in Dawn Light









  Budding Tree





  Three Mile Rest House









  Wall Color














  Two Bridges





  Dawn Color





  Bright Angel Creek At Colorado





  Boulders in Colorado (low (green) river)





  Sunset and Black Bridge





  Silver Bridge, hiker.









  Upper Ribbon Falls (on North Bright Angel Trail)










Dawn Reflected Color






  Inner Canyon Color





  Temple, Sunset









  Battleship, Dawn





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