Note: images on this page were taken with 35mm film, mostly Fujichrome Velvia.   All were scanned on an Epson 2450 scanner at 1200 dpi and further reduced (subsampled) for efficiency and fit.  These photos are from December 1998 to January 1999.



  Horses in Torres Del Paine Park




  Lake View




  Cuernos del Paine








  Farmers Market, Santiago








  Fishing Boats, Nogales







  Paine Grande at Dawn




  Cuernos and Bridge To Island









  Chess Game, Santiago





  Glacial Milk, Paine Park, Cuernos







  High Winds Streaking Clouds Near Paine Grande








  Gray Glacier and Paine Grande






  Cuernos and Seasonal Flowers







  Torres Del Paine








  Blue Lake and Cuernos




  Citadel in Paine Park