(Images from an 11 day trekking trip,

July 4-15, 2011)


Near the end of the Pale di San Martino Circuit




Rosengarten Vista from Via della Feida





Vista From Refugio Lagazuoi (Composite Panorama From 18 Images)




Vista of Val Badia in the approach to Corvara (World Heritage Site)



Drie Zinnen Hutte (upper right, pink roof)



Tre Cime Di Lavaredo (Three Peaks Of Lavaredo)



Wildflower Beauty Along the Trail



Descending to Refugio between Passo Principe and Passo Molignon.



Rosengarten Vista


Crossing Snow on Pale di San Martino Circuit




  On Pale di San Martino





  Descending to Refugio Pradidali







  Another hiking party on Pale di San Martion Circuit






  From Passo Molignon









  Refugio Alpe di Tires





  Looking back at Passo Molignon from Tierser Alpjoch Pass









  Haflinger Horses




  Vista from Sella Circuit






 Corvara at Dusk





  Hiking Toward Drie Zinnen Hutte




  Rosengarten Color/Fog





  Wildflower Variety





  Cortina Cathedral with Full Moon






Tre Cime Di Lavaredo from Hutte Drei Zinnen





  Leila, Hashmat, Stefano




The Trek


The trek was organized by Wilderness Travel, Berkeley, California.  It is referred to as "Ultimate Dolomites" in their catalog.  For more information, please see


Fellow Trekkers:


David and Susan, Deborah, Ed and Cindy, Felipe,

Jack, John, Megan, Mike and Terri, Steve and Jody, Trish.



The Images


All images were taken with a Canon 60D.  The panoramas were stitched with Photoshop.  There have been no alterations of hue and saturation.



The Traveller





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