Photographs from a two week trip centered on the turn of the millennium.  All photos were taken on slide film (Fuji Velvia) and subsequently scanned with an Epson flat bed scanner.

Giant Tortoise

Marine Iguana

Blue Footed Boobie and Chick



  Volcanic Landscape, Fog, Clouds



  Swimming with Reef Shark


  Red Footed Boobies resting


  Boobie Group



  Seal at Sunset





  Frigate Bird



  Boobie Pair


  Wingless Cormorant



  Sleeping Seal


  On the Equator, near Quito




Boobie with Chick




  Marine Iguana Profile




  Equatorial Penguin


  Marine Iguana in Lava



  Seal heading to sea



  Albatross Mating Dance



  Giant Tortoises in small pond




  Marine Iguana in Lava Landscape





  Boobie with Chick




  Galapagos unique vegetation, succulents


  Street vendor, Quito


  Sally Lightfoot Crab


  Desert Iguana


  Oyster Cracker



  Baby Albatross



  Yawning Seal


   Boat in lagoon landscape


  Sally Lightfoot Crab



  Leafless landscape in lava flow




  Desert Iguana




  Marine Iguana and crab



  Desert Iguana


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