Grand Canyon 2010

(click for images from Grand Canyon in Winter 2009)



Images are from a  visit to Toroweap Overlook (above) and

then an Eight Day Raft Trip with Canyon Explorations. 

Photos are not presented in any particular order.



Riding the rapids.






Mules in silhouette, crossing Kaibab Trail Bridge



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Floating quietly through a variety of rock strata



    Toroweap and stars and at dawn


  Overlook at sunrise, start of Day 3.


    Fresh water bath


    North Rim Aspens


  Juniper on the rim, near Toroweap


    Brown glass surface, below Little Colorado River


  Moonrise near Lee's Ferry


  Looking down on streambed with residue salts


  Cactus along the trail


  Rock with turquoise intrusion


  Grand Canyon colors in pebbles


  Compressed layers in side canyon




Navigating the layers in side canyon walks



  Desert plants and rock color


  Mule deer at the side of the river    Antlers left to bleach


  Grand Canyon Rattlesnake with blending coloring


    Sense of scale on river









  Plateau terrain


    Through a rapid


  Ruth in Ducky


  Bighorn Sheep


        Side Canyon waterfalls


    Blue Heron sunning and posing


    Cruising, with the scale of the walls




        Lunch breaks


  Gus rowing


  Near Toroweap on North Rim


    Entering a rapid


    Dinner preparations


  First day, with storm clearing


          At Redwall Cavern 

(see also a web link to a 360 degree panorama)



    Vic in Ducky, with paddle boat 


    Ducky down


         Justin in action with map, guitar, ...


  Waterfall from between rock layers


  Walk in Cremation Creek side canyon


        Camp Stops


  Helicopter rescue


  From Navajo Bridge, near Lee's Ferry





Riding rapids




    Guides assessing rapids


  Launch at Lee's Ferry


  Native American grain storage


    Gus and Linda


  Monkey Flower


    Lynn in Ducky


  Boats waiting for hikers


  Canyon silhouette


  Charly's crystals with Black Widow Spider eggs


  Paddle boat in rapid


      Laura with the supply boat 


  Paul checking the map




Paddle boat adventures



  Dry waterfall reveals underlying white sandstone


Fossil fern


  Ron at oars


    Charly getting ready to take off; taking photo


    Ernie in Ducky


  Overlook from morning hike.


  Gibby and the brothers


  Hidden side slot canyon


  Beginnings of the canyon, near Lee's Ferry


  Chuckwalla juvenile with mother;    The mother


  Toroweap at dawn


  Exploring an hollowed part of rock wall





    Mixing the waters, Colorado and Little Colorado


  Ducky used to check water flow in rapids.


  Quiet color and texture


  From the North Rim Lodge


  Crushing cans


  Toad visitor


  On the road to Toroweap


  At Lee's Ferry


  Station at Flagstaff


  Lava Falls from Toroweap


  Paddle party from Toroweap


  Sunset on the rim


  Flagstaff Train Station


    Navajo Bridge



The Traveler



Photos were taken with a Canon D10 (waterproof point and shoot),

Canon S5 IS (advanced point and shoot), and a Canon 40D (SLR, at Toroweap).  


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