Top: view of Ratong Valley from

Gingay Dara (pass), including Ratong Glacier.

Just above: panorama of the range and glacier in Sikkim near Kanchenchunga,

third highest mountain in the world (28,000 feet).  

Kanchenchunga is the sharp peaked mountain to the right in the image.


Images on this page were taken in October and November, 2007, in

West Bengal and Sikkim, India.

The camera was a Canon S5 IS

(a small number of photos were taken

with a Canon Digital Rebel XT).


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  Quote from the Dalai Lama,

  posted in the Tibetan Refugee

  Craft Institute, Darjeeling.






Images From The Trek:



  Ratong Glacier.  Himalayan Mountain Institute

  (for Indian Army) training area.



  Setting memorial fire at Gingay Dara





  Rock rubble below Kanchenchunga near camp at Lamuney









  Glacial moraine below Kanchenchunga





  Saddling pack horses.



  Panorama of Kanchenchunga (composite of 6 photos)



  Returning from Kanchenchunga with pack horses





  Rhododendron (12 inch leaves)





  Pandim Range (21,952 feet)










  Jamling Tenzing Norgay taking photos of

  Kanchenchunga shrine








  Trail hut, sign.









  Tibetan refugees craft works, Darjeeling, India






  Tibetan refugees artists, Darjeeling, India.










  Tibetan refugees/artists, Darjeeling, India








 Tomb of Tenzing Norgay, Darjeeling, India






  Snow Leopard, Darjeeling Zoo.






  Main square, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India.






  Craft sellers, Darjeeling, India







  Tea plantation, Darjeeling, India





  Rice paddies, Sikkim, India






  Monastery at Pemayantse, Sikkim









  Road worker, Sikkim (after clearing a rock slide)






  Leprosy health notice, Sikkim.





  Monastery, Yoksum, Sikkim.





  Bridge on trail to Kanchenchunga, Sikkim.








  Crafts for sale, Choka Village, on trail to Kanchenchunga.









  Hiking through rhododendron forest









 Vista through cypress forest.





  Camp at Dzongri






  Sunrise at Dzongri






  Sunrise at Dzongri




  Camp at Dzongri, Sikkim






  Camp at Dzongri, Sikkim







  Wake up tea.








  Jamling Tenzing Norgay breaking camp.





 Ratung Valley






  On trail to Kanchenchunga








  On trail to Kanchenchunga








  Cypress and rhododendron forest







  Snow in rhododendron forest






  Forest along trail










  Stream below Kanchenchunga, Sikkim, India





  Pandim Peak.








  Dinner tent scene.










  Ridge at sunset near Pandim Peak.





  Camp at Thangshing






  Camp at Thangshing






  Vista of Pandim Peak








  Buddhist prayer tablets, Lamuney










  Pack horses near Kanchenchunga base camp









  Kanchenchunga after dark







  Frozen Samiti Lake







  On trail to Kanchenchunga viewpoint.







  Jamling looking at photos from shrine







  Shrine at Kanchenchunga viewpoint







  Guide and sherpas






  Frozen Samiti Lake







  Ice on trail from Kanchenchunga








  Boy at Choka







  Rooster at Choka






  Sunset from Bakhim




  Pack horses, Sikkim Trek.



  Car washing, Yuksom






  Carrying a boy, Yuksom






  Buddhist students returning from school, Yuksom





  Bamboo, Sikkim






  Separating rocks along river.






  Working through the border between Sikkim and

  West Bengal, two Indian states.







  Dogs at New Elgin Hotel.  Darjeeling.





  Food market.  Darjeeling







  Chickens for sale.  Darjeeling.







  Movie poster.  Darjeeling.







  Waiting for the train, Darjeeling.





  Food seller, Darjeeling.








  Fixing electricity, Darjeeling, West Bengal, India.





  Railroad station for the Toy Train.  Darjeeling.







  View of Ganges Delta, Bangladesh.







  End of the trail, New Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport











Host and guide: Jamling Tenzing Norgay,

                 with wife So Yung.










The Traveler:  B. K. Richard




  60th Birthday, complete with prayer scarves,  ...

  and with flowers and a phone call to Yuksom

  from Kelly!



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