Nikos Taverna, Mykonos.


Photos are presented in no particular order.



  Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia (Cephalonia) Island







  Assos Village waterfront, Kefalonia







  Muleteer on Santorini







  Road to the Parthenon, Acropolis, Athens





  Oia Village, Santorini Island.





  Bakery Scene.  Thessaloniki






  Street Scene, Mykonos Island









  Oia Village from ferry.  Santorini





  Fira (Thera) Town from ferry, Santorini.





Scooter rental place.  Paros Island.





  Mykonos panorama



  Fish market, Athens







  Souvlaki, Athens Market







   Cat at Byzantine Cathedral













  St. Gerasimus Cathedral








  Bakery.  Argostoli, Cephalonia







  Menu board, Assos village, Kefalonia








  Melissani Lake, Kefalonia Island






  Octopus for sale, Athens fish market








  Piraeus Waterfront






  St. Gerasimus Cathedral Ceiling,

  Kefalonia Island





  Baby Zucchini, Argostoli market, Kefalonia








  Rooftop movie theater, Athens (Harry Potter) 





  Athens subway







Fisherman's Cat, Paros





  Muleteer, Santorini










  Mending Nets, Paros









  Nikos Taverna, Mykonos Island.





  Harbor/Boats.  Mykonos.






  Ferry booking office.  Paros.





  Naxos Island port. 




  Alley.  Mykonos.











  Village of Oia, Santorini










  Wall Painting, Oia, Santorini








  Landing a boat, Santorini









  Carrying fish to a restaurant. Paros







  Fira, Santorini at night






  Delivery vegetables, Paros








  Restaurant setting, Mykonos






  Village of Oia, Santorini Island






Fishmonger.  Thessalonika








  Fishing boat fresh from sea.  Paros.








  Mannequins.  Fira.  Santorini







  Muleteer, Fira, Santorini





  Selling olives.  Thessaloniki






  Butcher.  Thessaloniki








The Hosts:





















Roko and Bernadette Aliprantis













Meeting in Athens, finally;  Pat help; Acropolis; Plaka every day, Harry Potter rooftops. Piraeus day out, cats and dogs everywhere; National Gallery, shopping quests; meetings; , Roko and Greek Cultural immersion (ticket, calendar, Assos, cave lake, Sami, wonderful food); markets/food/coffee (bouriki); Greek Time Naps;  Sofitel farewell; meeting Kelly on plane; baklava; octopus, eggplant, moussaka, lamb, tzadziki, ... .