Travel in October/November 2007 was to Rajasthan (Jaipur, Udaipur).  Photos were taken with a Canon S5 IS, with an occasional photo with the Canon Digital Rebel XT.




  Elephants at Walled Palace, Jaipur











  Jain Temple, near Udaipur








  Guard in Jaipur







  Constellation Observatory, Jaipur Palace.








  City Street Scene, Jaipur





  Child at Lake Laundry, Udaipur






  Marionette Store, Udaipur






  Palace Hotel, Udaipur






  Summer Palace, Udaipur





  Woman Washing Clothes, Udaipur







  Painting over grafitti, Udaipur









  Women workers (carrying cement), Jaipur








  Elephant Driver, Jaipur








  Monk, Jain Temple near Udaipur








  Kids near Internet Cafe, Udaipur