Italy (Cities)










Florence/Duomo Views at Dusk




  Ponte Vecchio








  Street Artist





  Duomo Architectural Detail




  Boy with Pinnochio Puppet







  Duomo and Baptistery from Campanile









  Florence rooftops.





  Sculpture at Pitti Palace






  Bike locks near Ponte Vecchio






  Gondolier on Arno





  Scooters at the ready.




  Store within Market ... with everything.












  Segue tour of the city





  I Madonnari





  Meat market







  Basic transport for a family








  Gelato break for a family









Galleria Vittoria Emanuelle II




Fashion District



Train Station




Milan Cathedral Rooftop




  Tram unloading, Milan




  Tram at La Scala, Milan




  Chess players, Milan Park.





  Subway entrance, Milan




  Jumping for photo, Galleria







  Cathedral rooftop complexity






  Dining in the Galleria





  Fashion Logos From Cathedral Roof





  Wide angle panorama of Galleria





  Lighting candles in the cathedral, Milan





   Milan Cathedral





  Rush from train, Milan





  Fashion windows and fashion, Milan











Horses selected for the Palia (see Palia di Siena) walked

through the streets with followers.




  Inside the Siena Cathedral







  Parade before Palia selections. 




  Architectural detail of Cathedral. 





  Street detail.





  Waiting for horses to be selected for the Palia






San Gimignano


From the Campanile


  Pottery Store







  Covered Dining





  Rooftops and pigeon






  From the Campanile











Scenes from walking the streets

(Gondolier, vegetable market, store window)









  Gondola Drivers







  Dining on the water.




  Grand Canal Vistas











  Ongoing Art Exhibit







   Doorways and Windows











  St. Marks

































  Lunch Guest





  Selected Meals (including Cuttle Fish Pasta)






The Traveler




All photos were taken with a Canon 60D, with the exception of the pictures of food.  These we taking with an iPhone 3G.  Some cropping and some adjustments to dynamic range have been made to a subset of the photos.  No adjustments have been made to hue or saturation.  The "Traveler Photo" was taken by Leila Thompson, Trek Leader,  in the Dolomite Mountains.