Note: images on this page were taken with 35mm film, mostly Kodak Kodachrome 25 and Kodachrome 64.   All were scanned on an Epson 2450 scanner at 300 dpi and further reduced (subsampled) for efficiency and fit.  These photos are from August 1983.


  Takamatsu Rail Yard 




  Koto Players in Kyoto





  Watching Sunrise (with steaming coffee) on Fuju






  Nagasaki Harbor







  Pruned Trees In Park, Takematsu











  Loading Kirin





  Golden Pavillion dredging





  On the edge of Fuji's crater, with gateway to top





  Nagasaki Harbor at night






  Trimming a tree at Golden Pavillion, Kyoto





  Construction work in Osaka





  Myajima at low tide






  Protestors at Hiroshima on anniversary of bombing









The Traveler - August 1983