Netherlands - 2013

(A Bike/Barge Trip with Bruges, Brussels, Cologne extension)


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   Windmill Farm Along Route Between Rotterdam and Gouda





Food and Markets (waffles, mussels, ... ):


Cheese shop in Bruges





Flowers (many from Keukenhof Garden, near Amsterdam)




Ladybug In Crocus Patch




Planter Box in Amsterdam





Aalsmeer Flower Market (Flowers in Motion)








Keukenhof Gardens





Scenes at Flower Stalls





In The Netherlands (Street scenes, people, canals, ... ):

         Amsterdam, Haarlem, Leiden, Delft, Rotterdam, Gouda




Herring Kiosk on Bridge In Amsterdam





Rijksmuseum, Schipol Airport, Cube Houses in Rotterdam,

Centraal Station Amsterdam





Scenes in Amsterdam (Canals, Boats, Bridges)










Children in Bike Carriers








[Two Rows]  Animals Along the Way, Street Entertainers, Craftsmen,

"Coffee Shop", Bikes, Storefronts




Lone Bicycle in Sleet Storm



Activity in advance of new king's crowning (4/30/2013)



Pleasure Boating In Canals




Scenes In Cologne and Along the Rhine





HDR view of the Cologne Cathedral



Locks of Love Permanently Tied To Rhine Bridge

in Cologne (Keys Tossed Into River)



Off to get Ice Cream in Bacharach (on Rhine)




Cologne and Aachen stations, on a high speed train







Scenes In Bruges




Town Center


Convent in Bruges




Scenes from walking around Bruges City








Scenes In Brussels


Mobile Fries Kiosk


  In Brussels park





The Atomium, Brussels







  St. Hubert Gallery







  A park in Brussels; espalier trees (common in Belgium and The Netherlands).






  Street Art with Tin Tin






  Fries Store





  A Photo with Mannekin Pis







 At Laeken Gardens (at the Royal Residence).








  Antwerp Train Station








The Travelers








  BK and Emily





















  The Bike-Barge Guides (Suzie, Roger, Francien)

   from "Bike and The Like".  [See]











  Franz and Dennis (captain's son (crew) and cook)






  Boat mascot, "Schnitzel"







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