New York City


Brooklyn Bridge East Tower






  Subway near Times Square







  Statue of Liberty and Skyline





  Ellis Island Display





  Hotel Lobby (Marriott Times Square)






  George Washington Sculpture on Wall Street









  Pork Shop (Brooklyn)







  Skyline Hiking Trail




  Dim Sum






  Kids with Mirror Sculpture at Met









  Girl Playing At Washington Square






  Times Square Chaos






  Frank Gehry Apartment (nearing completion)







  Mass Yoga In Time Square




Billboards in Time Square



  Sailboats Central Park





  Photo Op with the Bull on Wall Street




  Rowers in Central Park






  Playing in the Fountain in Battery Park






  The Flatiron













  Fire Escape Sculpture



  Subway Tile Images




Grand Central Station Panorama



  Graffiti Art at Arts High School








  Rambutan ... street kiosk








Brooklyn Bridge at Night



Skyline from the Top of the Met




  Brooklyn Brownstones








  Lincoln Center Ice Cream






  Ellis Island Ferry





  Chinatown Checkers





  Washington Square Chess






The Building Fronts ... Everywhere





  BK and Emily (at Big Bamboo)






Photos were taken with a Canon Powershot S5IS point and shoot camera.



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