Two visits to Turkey (2011(Western Turkey) and 2008 (Istanbul Only))


Ceiling of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul


Photos From 2011 are followed by Photos From 2008:


After Friday Prayers, Istanbul





  Inside Hagia Sophia







  Boys, Cappadoccia






  Blue Mosque Portrait









  Ferries, Istanbul





  Bargaining in the Grand Bazaar









  Swimming in the Mediterranean





  At an ancient amphitheater




The Travellers




  Emily and BK





















From 2008




  Wedding at the Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey







  End of Prayers at Blue Mosque







  Lunch with fish (Black Snapper), Istanbul.







  Spice Merchant, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.









  End of prayers, Blue Mosque, Istanbul.






  Column and ceiling detail.  Hagia Sophia, Istanbul




  Hagia Sophia, Istanbul.









  Water pipe cafe, Istanbul, Turkey




  Ship heading to Black Sea on Bosporus.



  Calligraphy expert, Istanbul.









  Cat at rug shop, Istanbul.





  Barber shop, Istanbul.









  Lamp shop, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey.







  Hagia Sophia and fountain.







  Pulpit of Hagia Sophia.






  Fishing on Golden Horn.





  Salad/dinner.  Istanbul, Turkey.









  Selling hats to tourists.








  Blue Mosque





  Golden Horn waterfront.





  City Park, Istanbul.






   Guns for sale, Istanbul.




  End of prayers, Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey.









  Ceiling detail, Hagia Sophia.






  Belly dancing outfits, Grand Bazaar, Istanbul.




  Meat street vendor, Istanbul.





  Ferry to Asia.



































B . K. Richard (self portrait in glass).



Recommended reading:

The Fourth Crusade, Jonathan Phillips (on a pivotal historical event in Istanbul's history)

Snow, Orhan Pamuk (an extraordinary novel exploring today's complex political, social landscape in Turkey ... with a love story (by Nobel Prize winner Pamuk)).